QR-Code Clips
Offer your clients clips with QR-codes. Create direct interaction by transferring offline information to online information.

What are the benefits of these clips?
Clips with a QR-code are the perfect tool to transfer offline information to online information. It creates interaction. Once the QR-code on the clip gets scanned, you can get insight in your customer’s behaviour. Track who scanned the QR-code, how many times it is scanned and how many times it is being forwarded. This way you are aware of the client's interest, even before you have contact.


Oxfam Novib Ambassador

Entrepreneurship is important. We think this has to be stimulated. Entrepreneurs need opportunities to work out their ideas, also in countries where poverty reigns. That is why we became business ambassador of Oxfam Novib.

As a business Ambassador Markclip International supports entrepreneurship in developing countries through micro-credit.



Laser engraving and the “Display Box”!

As you may have seen at the PSI show Markclip has a couple of novelties for 2011. With our new packaging options and laser engraved clips we believe that selling the Markclip range is easier than ever.

Our new "Display Box" is fully customized and available from 50 pieces. Now the message of your customer is not only attached to a letter, but is also present at the desk of the recipient in a fully personalized box! Click here to see the different options.

For customers who want a lower minimum quantity or like the no nonsense look of laser engraving, Markclip is your partner. The laser engraved clips are yet available from 1.000 pieces! Please click here for more information.

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